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NanoCuvette™ One

Get accurate quantification of proteins, enzymes and carbohydrates by upgrading your UV-Vis spectrophotometer with user-friendly cuvettes and software.

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Looking for reliable results for less than €20?

Get accurate quantification and save more than €10,000

The NanoCuvette™ One is an excellent improvement in workflow for quantitative analysis down to micro-volume samples in numerous industries such as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, chemistry and foods for proteins, carbohydrates and kinetic studies.

The NanoCuvette™ One allows a cuvette-based UV-Vis spectrophotometer to replace micro-volume instruments such as Nanodrop costing more than €10,000. Samples such as carbohydrates or proteins can quickly be quantified without extensive laboratory labor or dedicated instruments. Furthermore, the product allows for chemical or enzymatic kinetic studies.


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Introducing Label-free spectroscopy
NanoCuvette™ One - Demonstration of 3 mL and 0.5 uL analysis
NanoCuvette™ One - Protein BSA quantification compared to NanoDrop™ 1000
NanoCuvette™ One - Benefits

Are you looking for accurate results with no up-front cost?

Save more than €10,000 on micro-volume instrumentation


Protein quantification

Save time and get better quantification by obtaining protein concentration in less than a minute without a standard curve down to 0.5 μL samples.


Example cases: BSA, Immunoglobulin, Collagen, Lysozyme, Coronin, Dystrophin, Gloverin, Keratin, Myosin, Tubulin, Insulin, concentration of protein in urine.

Ideal for bio-tech companies, life science companies, food science industry companies, high schools, environmental research companies, university and research laboratories.

Learn more about protein concentrations.

Micro-volume samples

Replace dedicated expensive micro-volume instrumentation with UV-Vis and get better results in less than a minute.


Example case: Kinetics, nanodrop replacement for proteins.

Ideal for bio-tech companies, life science companies and university labs.

Learn more about micro-volume samples.

How It Works

User-friendly cuvettes and algorithms give new life to UV-Vis instruments

Traditionally, spectrophotometry laboratory work has been limited by the instrumentation. Smart cuvette consumables for less than €20 now enable you to use your spectrophotometer to quantify proteins, enzymes and carbohydrates saving on other specialised instruments and assays otherwise needed to do the analysis.

This is possible due our unique patented technology, factory calibrations and computations in our cloud software, SpectroWorks™. We are among the first in the analytical laboratory industry to utilise full scale optical simulations and cloud computing for mission-critical results. This allows us to provide one-click results in seconds.

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NanoCuvette™ One in practice


What They're Saying

I think, it’s a game changer in this industry. Palak Sehgal, CSO, Nordetect
There is a need for a fast and reliable method when working with small protein concentrations in R&D. Here the Nanocuvette™ has potential to become a standard. Michael Bernard, Adjunct, Absalon
The interesting thing is that the new technology is in the sample holder and not in the instrument itself. Thus, existing older measuring equipment may continue to benefit in schools’ chemistry and physics education. The data collection takes place digitally with many possibilities for subsequent data processing and data management. Martin E. Vigild, PhD, Assessor, Member of the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences, past President of the European Society for Engineering Education
It can provide new opportunities to reach out to customers and show what our products can do for them. Gernot Abel, PhD, Manager, Novozymes
The Nanocuvette™ products and its associated online analysis software provide students a unique possibility to learn how to operate and understand big data in the future. Lone Bruun, PhD, Publisher, Epsilon
Such a dynamic range in refractive index, I think that’s cool. Daniel Trimarco, PhD, CEO, SpectroInlets
A new and innovative solution to our customers, which saves time and gives more reliable results. Jan Locher, CEO, Hounisen

Today we support +450 UV-Vis models from more than 75 brands

Supporting every customer, every instrument*

*Including ACTTR, Agilent, Amersham, Aminco, Analytik Jena, Aqualabo, Aqualytic, Aurora Biomed, Auxilab, Avans, Azzota, Barnstead Turner, Beckman Coulter, Biochrom, Bio-Rad, BMG Lab Tech, Boeco, Cecil, Daigger, DeNovix, DLAB, Dynamica, E-Chrom Tech, Ecroskhim, Edinburgh Instruments, EMCLAB Instruments, Eppendorf, Faithful, Femto, GBC, Hanon Instruments, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi, HORIBA Jobin Yvon, Jasco, Jenway, Labman, Labomed, Labtron, LLG-Labware, Lovibond, M&A Instruments, Mapada Instruments, Metash, Metertech, Mettler Toledo, Mikrolab, Molecular Devices, Ocean Insight, Onda, PerkinElmer, Persee, PG Instruments, Pharma Test, Pharmacia, RIGOL Technologies, Safas, Sarspec, Sartorius, Scinco, Shimadzu, Spectronic, Spectroquant, Thermo Scientific, Transasia, Uniequip, Unico, U-Therm International, UVIKON, Varian, VWR (Avantor), Walden, Xylem, Yoke, Zuzi and many more.
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Get accurate quantification of proteins, enzymes and carbohydrates with user-friendly cuvettes and software

Why Choose Us?

Supports Old Hardware

NanoCuvette™ One works with your existing UV-Vis spectrophotometer. Read more here.

Designed For Humans

Easy to use with no special training required. Online support included.

Accurate and Instant Results

Results are calculated based on spectral analysis in less than 5 seconds. Read more here. 

Unique Traceability

First in the industry, each cuvette is marked for traceability and access to online calibration data.

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*Purchasement of NanoCuvette™ One at reseller includes life-time access, data storage and quarterly upgrades to SpectroWorks™, free support and  individual calibration for best performance. Price per measurement may vary depending on sample and use.


About cphnano

Since 2015, labs around the world have used our patented cuvettes and cloud software to upgrade their UV-Vis instruments. Today, our offerings software and advanced cuvettes available via our trusted resellers and partners in more than 20 countries.